Exercise daily to control diabetes

Exercise, along with good nutrition and medications, insulin or oral diabetes pills, is a key to good diabetes control. Good diabetes control means keeping your blood sugar level as close to normal as possible. Exercise is especially good for people with diabetes. By exercising regularly, you stand to reap rich benefits, which include: * Healthier blood sugar level: Exercise usually lowers blood sugar. Also, exercise may help insulin work better. * Reduction in weight: This weight loss also helps improve the body’s ability to use insulin, and this lowers the blood sugar to a healthier level. * Reduced risk of heart disease: Exercise increases the heart’s pumping power, lowers the blood pressure and improves the blood circulation. * Reduction in stress and tension: It eases stress, depression and negative thought and increases your self-esteem. Kinds of best exercises. Type-1 Diabetes and Exercise: Before starting any exercise programme, check with your doctor. Your activity must be planned to fit in with your meal plan. If you plan on doing heavier exercise (aerobics, running, squash, or handball), you may need to eat a little more, such as half of a club sandwich and a cup of low-fat milk. Type-2 Diabetes and Exercise: Almost 9 of 10 people with type-2 diabetes are overweight. and are past 40. If you use insulin or oral diabetes pills to control your type-2 diabetes, you should know your blood sugar level before you start exercising. The writer is Senior Specialist, Safdarjung Hospital and Professor, VM Medical College Source: Deccan Chronicle

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