Selection of right perfume

Perfume help you a lot to increase your attraction in a crowd. It helps to increase your personality and tries to give a unique identity to you in crowd. Perfumes are actually a mixture of aroma oils those are rich in scent and fragrant mixtures helps to provide a better fragrance to human body. The perfumes should provide such a fragrance that appeals to others and they automatically attracted towards you. Most of the people have an opinion that more they spray the perfume on body, more they get fragrance. It is a false story. This is only a myth. Stronger spray of perfume disturbs the others and does not fragrance in such a way that people attract toward you. The fragrance should be very light and tolerable to other. Do not select the perfume with strong fragrance. The fragrance should be natural to human body. While you are going to purchase a perfume it is better to try on skin. Sometimes it can be allergic to your skin. Do not purchase the perfume in hurry. Wait for some time after applying it on skin, check whether it suits to your skin. Check whether the fragrance remains still or it lost after a few minutes. While purchasing, try multiple fragrances, and select the best fragrance for you. Do not place the perfumes in sunlight. The rays from sunlight absorb all the fragrance and ruin the quality. Choose a cold and dark place to store perfumes. Boys should not go for very light fragrances like flower scents, these types of fragrances are meant for girls. If your skin type is dry, spray some more but if the skin is oily, then spray less. The order of fragrance varies according to skin type. Prefer to apply perfume after bath because this is time when your body is soft and fresh. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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