Sandals in summer

A woman is very confused about the selection of sandals in summer. As the summer arrives, wedge sandals come in name and fame. They are the best to use in summer. It is assumed as the high status trend in world of women footwear. It is the dream of every woman to wear a heel. But it is not possible for every woman because wearing heel is not a simple task. It is very difficult to stay your feet in heel for very long time. It needs a perfect practice to walk with heel. But use of wedge sandals can true the dream of wearing heel for every woman. The women who have a high desire of wearing heals but avoid heels, they have a better option to use wedge sandals. Wedge sandals have not earned the name for summer use only, but they can be used in every season. Only point you keep in mind is that do not wear the sandals in snow storm. Wedge sandals come in the heel of 3.5 inches. They come in different colour varieties like khaki, nude, and grey, black, white. You can use this footwear with a casual dress code and enjoy the summer by attracting others toward you. Use of this footwear will be a memory for you and you feel an admiring glance. This footwear gives you feeling of ice touch in summer to your feet. You can make your feet comfortable by adjustable buckle on the wedge sandal. The light padded foot bed is designed according to your feet requirement and feels you comfortable from toe to heel. Source: Medley News

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