Where entomology meets fashion

Scarabée Chinois
By Minouette: French photographer and graphic artist Laurent Seroussi has created a fascinating series of personal works entitled Insectes combining photos of women (with a rather high fashion aesthetic) and
anthropods, including  scarab beetles, a leaf insect, a scolopendra centipede, a member of Heteroptera (the "true bugs"), and more. The melding of the women with the insects (and other anthropods) is quite seemless,
creating beautiful, contemporary composite creatures, like a modern twist on images of fairies. I find the
beautiful images have the intriguing effect of humanizing the 'bugs' rather than making the women into
Phasmecreatures. He has an extensive portfolio of photographic and video work, including the more editorial place where, jewellery design meets botany. Source: Magpie & whiskeyjack

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