Feng Shui Tips- To build a good home or building

It is better to follow Feng Shui guidelines when you are planning to buy a land or building. It is necessary to follow the Feng Shui guidelines to achieve the good Feng Shui energy. This helps to keep far away all the negative energies from your land or building. There are so many Feng Shui elements available in the market but most of the people do not know where to keep these elements in house. Proper placement of these elements makes your surrounding environment with lot of positive energy and you feel very comfortable in house. You should be aware of Feng Shui guidelines, that what we should take care while we are going to design our house. Two types of negative energies can attack to a house. These are Si Chi and Sha Chi. Both of these energies produce negative rays towards house and considered very bad for house. There is a need to study the surroundings of the house, and type of the house you are going to buy. It is very necessary to take care about the slope of backyard. Take care whether your house is approached nearby railroad. Front door should be designed in such a way that it blocks all the Si Chi and Sha Chi energies and allows the positive waves come in the house. Make a check that your front pathway of house should not be gathered with old pots, shoe and dustbins. Apply all the guidelines of Feng Shui in house. Ensure your bathroom should not be much closed to front door. It is an indicator of bad energy. There is no mirror opposite to front door as it can reflect back all the positive energy out from the door. There should not any symmetry between front door and back door, otherwise positive energy enters by front door and passes out by back door. So apply these guidelines and allow the positive energy come in the house. Source: Medley News

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