Time Management Skills- To Save Energy and to be relaxed

It is a fact that success is not the result of chance or luck. No one has ever fallen into success. Success is not gained by tricky games, schemes and shortcuts. Success is a result of many factors. One of a factor is time management. Time Management is a careful discharge of every duty that makes days happy and night restful. Time management skills are most helpful for the persons those are engaged in too many jobs during one time. Usually it is found that we are saving our time by capturing too many jobs at one time. But this thinking is only a myth of our mind. Actually we are making our schedule fuzzy and confused. After some time we are not able to complete a single job. In this case to disguise our inaptitude, we start to grudge our colleague. Sometimes, we go in stress and strain. This all can ruin our method of living. Medleynews.com suggests some tips to manage your time. These tips help you to save energy and also improve your standard of living. You have to set the priorities of your tasks. Start your job with highest priority. Concentrate all of the energy on the same task. Do not fuel to fire by doing the task. You should keep the working hours different from living hours. In living hours do not think about work. Spend your living hours with leisure. Take your meal at time. Take a proper diet. Take your proper sleep. Listen some light music, do some walk or yoga when you feel stress. By doing all these, you will find that there is change in your lifestyle. Smile comes to your lips again. Once you understand the art of living, no one can defeat you in life. Source; Medley NewsImage: flickr.com

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