Antioxidant properties and health benefits of Guava rich in fibre

This is called as poor man’s fruit because it is cheap. This tree grown easily anywhere in India. This fruit contains seeds inside. After washing the fruit this is eaten completely without discarding anything meaning to say the whole fruit is edible. The kernel part of the fruit shows white and light pinkish in color. This is all about the appearance of the Guava. I really do not know if this fruit is available all over the world. If you get a chance better you have it. Most of us think that Apples are the best healthy and nutritious fruits. It may be true but Guavas also prove to be the best ones. According to the Food and nutrition value, a series of test conducted on fruits like Bananas, pomegranates, apples, custard apple and Guava. The highest concentration of antioxidants are found to be in guava .Having the antioxidant fruit in our diet can prevent the aging of skin and also prevention of the deadliest disease like cancer. This fruit also is rich in fibre.This fruit also contains vitamin A C, B1,B2 & B3. These are the below a few benefits that can be got from guava. 1. Since this fruit is rich in vitamin C this proves to be an excellent antioxidant. This also can prevent the risk of cancer. 2. Good for diabetic patient 3. Improves eyesight 4. Guava is rich in folate content hence it helps in promotion of fertility 5. Its anti-ageing property helps in maintaining healthy skin Source: Health Topic

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