Summer Makeup Tips

Summer time is indeed a special time of year when there is a natural, healthy glow. The goal this season is the fresh air and no make-up look. This gives a natural and healthy with a little bright and bold colors. Here are some important tips, trends for the summer to make up. The first goal is to keep your skin smooth and flawless with a clever use of a foundation of good quality. Use a moisturizer that has a high sun protection factor. And not to put much make-up, because the weight that would give you, feel heated. The eyes are the most important thing in your summer look. Make your eyes sparkle and she looks wonderful with a single brush stroke. With bright colors, and not many shades. Do not go for the smoky look. For your cheeks, you can use it with pink and other colors steep soft and subtle colors of the roses emphasized. You are looking at working in the field. The best way is to apply them to the temple, then in an upward movement in the THhairline. It will also give you a more youthful appearance. Then come the lips, you can free hand to pick the colors. You can go for a ruby ​​red color, but if it is dramatic then go for a lip gloss and shine a light pink with it. Overall, you should know that the metallic eye shadow still inside, and you can use silver, gold and bronze to purple. You can easily apply false eyelashes to give enhancing beauty. Here are some beauty tips for the most important summer. If you apply them to useful and intelligent, if there is no reason why you can not be satisfied with the way you look. In fact, the others notice this change in you did not update your make-up was. You will feel better and thank you for your own beauty more. Source: Makeup Spot

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