Fiber rich Bananas

Bananas are the fruits available in all parts of the world. They can be eaten raw and ripped. Raw ones are used in preparation of vegetable recipes. These are available in wide variety. Especially in Kerala (India), I have seen a wide variety of them. Commonly these fruits are consumed riped.Some varieties are reasonable priced and others are little costly. But are affordable by all and are available everywhere. Now why should we consume these fruits? What are their nutrition benefits? I think all of us should be aware or educate ourselves the diet benefits of fruits and vegetables that we eat. Bananas give immediate energy when consumed. Just try eating one banana when hungry. They contain natural sugars like glucose, sucrose and fructose. So do not forget take a bunch of bananas when go on a long journey .They are safe and sound to eat. Why are they really important in our diet? Fiber rich banana can help in relieving constipation Bananas are rich in fiber content, good for people who have constant constipation problem; these can help in easing the bowel movement in the digestive tract and solve the constipation problem.  Good for anemic patients Iron rich bananas are also good persons who are anemic which help in increase hemoglobin levels. Regulate blood pressure Potassium rich bananas are good and safe to consume for patients who have high blood pressure. They contain low sodium. Relieving of Stress Consuming a banana between meals also proved to be good source of instant energy and also good stress reliever for people who have more stressful life. So have at least one banana in your diet daily. Kindly consult the physician if one is diabetic,Source: Health TopicImage:

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