Eye Makeup in Easy Steps

Eyes are very important features in face appearance. As you see some beautiful eyes, you also desire for the same. Actually any of celebrities have not a God gifted eyes. All of us having a God gifted eyes. Only a requirement is to take care of your eyes. You need to remember some tips that help you to make the same attractive eyes as the celebrities have. Curl your eye lashes. Use of Mascara can help you lot to make an attractive eyes. Take some care when you are applying Mascara. It should be well dried when you apply Mascara on your eyes. You can dry the Mascara with help of hair dryer. It will dry the Mascara and helps to stay on eyes for longer. It is necessary to take care of lower eye lashes as well as upper eye lashes. There should be balance between two. Both the eye lashes are very important to make the eyes attractive. So do not forget this point that both of the eye lashes should be taken care of. You can use false eye lashes also that can attract your appearance in crowd. For drawing false eye lashes, you can use eye liner. Tip of eyeliner is so soft that does not harm the eye skin. You can purchase ready to use false eye lashes from market.Take care for your brows. Manicure of brows also helps a lot to makes your eyes attractive. It helps to make your eyes clean and attractive. For the brows you can use highlighter. You should use the highlighterwithcare. Highlighter should be used below the brow on brow bone, bottom line of the eyes. Threading of brows help a lot to keep the eyes attractive. But go for reputed salon for threading of eye brows. Because the eyes are very sensitive and a little mistake can lead to you big damage. Source; Medley NewsSource: flickr.com

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