How to look glam and fashionable

There is a difference between a stylish dress up and casual dress up. In casual dress up make yourself glamorous and fashionable is very difficult to achieve. Most of the times you like to dress up yourself in casual. Every time it is not possible to stay in stylish dress up. Stylish dress up gives a good appearance only in parties. But in offices or general hour’s stylish dress up does not increase your personality but give you some odd look. Casual dress up is considered a comfortable dress up in which you can stay for a long. In casual market changes are very common in the apparels, fittings, footwear and costume jewelry. So we prefer to purchase casual rather than party wears. There are so many advantages in shopping of casual wears. They give the feeling of comfortable in all weather, they do not need so care so easy to handle and use. Leggings are in very common in trend in case of women. These give a good appearance to you when used with tunics and long tees. There is no age bar to wear leggings. A child girl to old lady can wear it. When you are using leggings with tunic, please make sure that your tunic should cover your hips part very well. Cotton fabrics are very common in trends in the casual wears. Cotton fabrics are easy to handle and very comfortable in wear. Cargos have also earned a good name in the field of casual wears. Khaki color cargos are becoming the first choice of youth. They come in denim and non-denim both. Varieties of color you can choose for cargos. Fashion is changing very fast. With every new season, you will find fresh new casuals in the market. Launch of new trend make the old out. So it is recommended that do not go for bulk in fashion while buying. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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