Selection of Shoe in different junction

Your dress as well as shoe both adds a status symbol in the parties. If you have dressed very well, but your shoes are not selected according to occasion and dress then dress does not mark an imprint in the party. Just as a dress is not a perfect for every occasion, same as a same shoe style is not suitable for every dress. There are different varieties of shoes available in world market. Different varieties are used to wear at different occasions. They have a marked you with a unique identity and special look. Some of the varieties are listed here by (1) The Oxford: This type of shoes can be used in many occasions. You can wear them in the office, first date, in marriages, or in some function. Plain toe or cap toe is its traditional style. This leather shoe was displayed in Scotland and Ireland first. (2) The Derby or Gibson Shoe: It is also called as blooshers. It is similar to oxford shoe but the difference is in style of laces. It opens from the both sides of flap. The shoe comes in the Burgundy or Black Polished leather. Double stitching and use of double sole makes it attractive and enhanced its quality. (3) Mock Strap: it is one more alpha male traditional style. To open such a shoe no laces are there. A simple buckle strap is associated with the shoe. It can be tried when you don’t want to tie lases again and again and you have a craze to wear loafer shoe. This trend can be tried with Denim Jeans in dinner date or in office on casual Friday. (4) The boat shoe: Just as the name, it is designed to use in boat. It is best for the rainy season. It makes a good combination with jeans, pants and khaki. Actually it is a casual shoe. It is designed with canvas or leather with rubber sole. This shoe can be tried with socks or without socks. (5) The loafer shoe: It is given a name loafer because in this shoe there are no laces and no straps. There are many varieties of shoe with buckle, but most of the shoes come with low-cut, brand, top with soft leather and wide. These varieties are designed with flat hill. These were designed in 1930 in Narvey in first time, but got popularity in America. In that time American wore them with a long dress. This suit has a better combination with blazer and jeans.The Plimsoll or Sneeker shoe: This is a category of athlete shoe. Liverpool Rubber Company has designed it in 1830. It is designed with upper canvas and rubber sole to use it in beachwear. In England, it is also called as sand shoe. The shoe had actually this name. In 1870, this shoe was famous with the name of plimsoll. Now these days the shoe is popular with some more names like sneeker, Trainer etc. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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