The mint condition

By Joanna Christy Pete: Summer’s coolest shade is quite the rage. Pastel colours are a major trend this season and mint seems to be the trendiest of them all. It is all over the place with even fashion houses like Chanel and Vera Wang using it in a big way in their latest collections. So, what is it about this colour that is tempting everyone? There is an air of cool and calm about the shade which makes it a perfect colour to sport this summer. It has the subtlety of a pastel hue but is also quite peppy and adds a little extra zing to the outfit. “One of the best things about mint is that it is a happy shade and looks good on anyone. It nicely complements the Indian skin tone,” says Neetu Gupta, designer and owner of Verandah Boutique. Designer Monali Fulki seems to think so as well, “Mint goes well with almost any colour, especially with other pastel shades and makes a brilliant combination when worn with white.” It can be mixed and matched with different colours and patterns for interesting results. For example, mint looks great when paired with floral prints. The illusion that this particular shade has is that it is both pop and neutral at the same time, giving a light, airy vibe. Those trying out this pretty shade for the first time can start off with something minimal like a mint coloured purse or accessory. “I have a few mint coloured bags,” says model Neema Thimmaiah. “It is such a pleasant colour and looks great worn as denim as well,” she adds. Whatever form you choose to wear it, a flirty dress or even a fun nail polish, Mint seems to be the must-try colour this season. Source: Deccan ChronicleImage:

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