A Postcard from Balmoral Castle

 This handsome photo postcard shows the stately front façade of the “new” castle at Balmoral. The private Scottish home of the Royal Family, Prince Albert commissioned this new castle to replace the previous home on the Aberdeenshire estate. The original castle was too small to suit the needs of the growing family of Queen Victoria and the Prince Consort. Balmoral remains a favorite retreat for the Royals. Queen Elizabeth II, like her Great Great Grandmother, Victoria, is known to love the seclusion and natural beauty of the
 estate while Prince Philip relishes the wide open spaces and chances for sport shooting.  This postcard dates to the present reign, likely between 1953 and 1960. While the reverse is eager to tell the buyer that the image is a “real photo,” the publisher wasn’t too keen on being identified and made no attempt to list their name. Nevertheless, it now seems quite content with its existence amongst all of my other Royalty-related ephemera. Source: Stalking the Belle Époque

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