Lakes of Ladakh

One of the main reasons I wanted to go to Ladakh was to camp at these high altitude lakes. Nestled at heights of 15000 feet and more, Ladakh's lakes - Pangongtso, Tsomoriri and Tsokar are completely secluded from human habitation, but for a few villages like Spangmik and Korzuk near Pangong and Tsomoriri respectively.
The other attraction was of course, the birds that breed here- black necked crane included. The three lakes are completely different from each other, in terms of landscape and you cant be satisfied with seeing just one.
Sharath and I camped in Pangong , where we took our own tents and had a cook along with us, who prepared some of the best momos Ive ever had. 
In Tsomoriri , we were less adventurous, where we stayed in a camp , but it soon touched -2 and we were freezing .
We had a very brief glimpse of Tsokar, which looked completely different from the other two lakes. But there were several wildasses here . You can see my post on them here. 
There was a fourth lake that we encountered on the way to Tsomoriri and it looked like a mystery lake - greenish blue , with absolutely no one around. '
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