Coconut Water: A Natural Substitute of Sports Drink

The coconut (Cocos nucifera) water is one of the nature’s most refreshing drinks consumed worldwide for its nutritious & health benefiting properties. It is a clear and sweet liquid inside young coconut, which is botanically a drupe. The liquid is composed of useful compounds such as sugars, vitamins, minerals, electrolytes,  enzymes,  amino  acids, cytokines  and  phytohormones. Coconuts  are  found grown in
South East  Asia, India, Brazil and Mexico. Drinking coconut water offers a lot of health benefits owing to its low fat, carbohydrate and natural sugar content. Studies suggest that this healthy drink contains up to 1,500 mg/l of potassium & about 400 mg/l of sodium. The natural water has a caloric value of 17.4 /100 g, and is 99% fat free. Owing to its unique chemical composition of electrolytes and nutrients, the liquid is said to be a good natural substitute of sports drinks. Health Benefits of Coconut Water: (1) The coconut water is said to be a refreshing drink & provides an instant source of energy (2) It is known to maintain the body temperature and works as a body coolant (3) Functioning as a prebiotic, it supports beneficial bacteria in the gut (4) This health drink improves metabolism, digestion and hence, the bowel movement (5) It is an excellent oral re-hydration medium, an all naturalisotonic for all ages (6) It promotes healthy thyroid function (7) It is reported to relieve spasms and swellings owing to its high potassium content (8) It is a natural diuretic; studies suggest its role in treatingkidney stones (9) It improves blood circulation and is known to lowerarterial pressure (10) It is a natural drink for feeding infants suffering fromintestinal disturbances (11) It is also said to control diabetes it helps keep skin problems such aseczema at bay & maintains skin's softness & suppleness So, the moral of the post is to drink this natural sweet beverage at all ages, and cut down on all the aerated, high calorie, sugar full beverages to have an access to 100% health benefits! Source: HerbHealtH

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