Miss World 2012 at the Singing Dunesurce

Four AM alarm calls didn’t fluster the Miss World representatives one bit, and as they approached the Singing Dunes (so called because the river that runs alongside them ‘sings’ as it flows) and took to the chairlifts they were all animation. As if the scenery wasn’t dramatic enough, the ladies were then ushered to their transport for the day – what can only be described as sand ships! These enormous vehicles, carved to look like sea-faring vessels, surfed through the sands at high speed and the contestants waved hands in the air and loved every second of it. Upon arrival at the summit of the rolling sands, a hearty breakfast awaited them, served by ladies in traditional blue Mongolian costume. As the sun advanced through the sky the contestants took the chance to snap some stunning photographs. The next ‘vehicle’ they got to try was no less exciting! Lined up to greet the girls were a line of camels! There were a lot of squeals as the animals got to their feet with the contestants on their backs. Then they were off and it made a lovely sight to see the procession make its way across the side of a dune and off into the sun. In the meantime, some of the ladies got an extra-special treat when they were invited to try on some elaborate local costumes. Set against a towering dune, the jewel colours, metallic brocades and fantastical headdresses made a captivating sight. Despite long skirts and trailing fabric the contestants still managed to scale the dune and the sight of them against the skyline was incredibly dramatic. They also took to the camels in the costume and managed to look elegant and accomplished riders as they did so, no mean feat! Source: Travelfwd,

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