To the Antarctic for a holiday

Chilling cruise in Antarctica
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By Maria Domnitskaya, Members of a scientific expedition to the South Pole believe that the Eastern part of the region might once again become a sub-tropical zone in the future, meaning that the population of the world may consider it a suitable place for a holiday. After studying the geological layers of the Antarctic, scientists working in the unified programme for the study of world oceans found evidence that 53 million yearsАнтарктида курорт Антарктика тропики пляж отдых 2012 август коллаж ago, palms and plant species related to the modern baobab and Australian nuts grew in the area. At that time, the temperatures in the region were 10 degrees Celsius in winter, and 25 degrees in summer.The ice age of 34 million years ago destroyed most of the soil for planting, which could have provided a clue to the ancient climatic changes. All that remained was in the form of kilometers of ice, but scientists have been able to literally dig to the required layer, drilling a 4-kilometer well under the seabed at the Wilkes Land. Apart from dust and different plants, the scientists also discovered tiny mono-cell organisms. Molecular changes directly relating to temperatures of the soil, which surrounded the organisms were found in the structures of their cells. According to James Bindle of Glasgow University, one of the researchers, the coast of the Antarctic then looked like the modern-day north-east coastline of Australia. Tags: resorts, climate, Antarctic, Russia, World, Sci-Tech, Opinion & Analysis, Читать далее, Source: Voice of Russia.

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