2 winning tickets to share $580 mln lottery jackpot

 Powerball лотерея  сша
Organizers of US Powerball lottery have said two winning tickets brought in Arizona and Missouri will share a huge jackpot of $580 million. No one has claimed the sweet prize yet.
The lucky numbers were 5, 16, 22, 23, 29 and 6. They were drawn Wednesday night, after 16 consecutive draws failed to produce a winner. The jackpot is the biggest in Powerball history. Some 160 lottery tickets participated in the game. The money heap will be either handed out to this year’s winners in full or paid in installments over the span of 29 years. Mega Millions still holds the record for the biggest win of $656 million, which was divided between three lucky winners in March of 2012. Voice of Russia, RIA, Source: Voice of Russia

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