Chocolate to become one of five a day?

Scientists have managed to halve the fat content of chocolate by replacing cocoa butter and milk fats with fruit juice. Although the process, which uses tiny droplets of orange, cranberry or apple juice, gives the bars a slightly fruity taste, it can be applied to milk, dark and white chocolate. Tests are ongoing, but if the ‘mild’ fruit taste of the chocolate proves too strong and cannot be lessened, researchers believe the same result could theoretically be achieved with a mixture of water and vitamin C. The potentially ground breaking technique was developed by scientists at the University of Warwick and unveiled by lead researcher Dr Stefan Bon at a national meeting of the American Chemical Society in New Orleans. Although the new technique replaces half that fat content with fruit juice, scientists say adding the juice in the form of ‘micro bubbles’ ensures the chocolate retains its indulgent, velvety texture and melting qualities. Cynics have voiced concerns that the ‘new’ chocolate’s fruity taste could put some people off, but the researchers were keen to stress how insignificant the altered taste would be. Source:, Source: Fresh PlazaImage:

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