Sachin at Kukke Subramanya

October 28, 2010: Little-known till a couple of days ago, all of a sudden lakhs of people now want to visit – or at least know more about – the temple town of Kukke Subramanya, 105 km from Bangalore. Their inspiration: Sachin! Sachin Tendulkar's two-day pilgrimage to the Kukke Sri Subramanya temple drew 
scores of fans. It also had them sourcing details from a website on the town. As a result, the website saw over 17 lakh hits till 1.30 pm on Monday, leading to a server crash. The pilgrimage by Tendulkar, his wife Anjali, and his siblings Ajit, Nitin and Savitha, resulted in a massive 17,50,200 hits over Sunday and
Monday on The website received traffic from all over the world, while the town attracted scores of fans. Many e-mails and telephonic enquiries were received at the temple's reception office at Kukke Subramanya in Dakshina Kanara district. "It was never like this in the past,"
said a source at the website. "Though VIPs from all parts of the country visit the Kukke Sri Subramanya temple, Tendulkar's  visit has led to a deluge of enquiries about the pujas here." At the temple, Lord Subramanya is worshipped as a snake. Tendulkar, wife Anjali, brothers Ajith and Nithin, and sister
Savitha spent Sunday and Monday at Kukke Subramanya, performing rituals aimed at helping him overcome sarpa dosha –perhaps one of the factors behind his nagging injuries. "He performed sarpa samskara on Sunday, and ashlesha bali and nagapratishte on Monday," said the source. "These rituals
were recommended by a family friend, VS Nayak, living in Bangalore." To fans eager to shake hands with him, Tendulkar said, "I've pain in my shoulders. Please don't disturb me." Posted by Senani at 12: Senani: Sachin at Kukke Subramanya

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