Anjali you’re my best best partnership Sachin Tendulkar to Wife Anjali

Sachin Tendulkar has had several partnerships cricket through his 24-year career . That he loves the most in his life, however , the “partnership” with his wife. Emotional Anjali Tendulkar thanked for keeping by throughtout her career ended at Wankhede with his 200th test on Saturday. ” The best thing that happened to me in 1990 when I met my wife Anjali . They were the most wonderful years ,” he said .
“Being a doctor, he had a great career ahead of her. She told me when we wanted to have a family that I should concentrate on cricket and will take care of everything. Thank you for being there. You are the best partnership I ‘ve had in my life. “ Anjali had tears in his eyes when Tendulkar made ​​his speech as a packed Wankhede cheered his every word . The Little Master then thanked her parents for support too . ” My in-laws were loving and caring . It is so important to have a strong family. They allowed me to marry Anjali , thank you so much, ” he said . Tendulkar – who played his 200th and final test before the home fans , began his speech by thanking his parents, siblings and his first coach before a solemn promise to his children he has to do for all the lost time and be there for Arjun (14) and Sara (16). ( Read the speech here). Not known to be emotional , tears Tendulkar brought tears to the eyes of almost everyone present . Previously, Anjali said she expected her husband to manage his emotions , as he has done throughout his career. ” Sachin is really good at hiding his emotions he has never shown that it is facing pressure Even at home , he does not show his emotions,” she said (Read : . . . Impossible to imagine cricket without Sachin , says Anjali ) Courtesy :

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