Tiffany Tang's new drama to meet audience

The TV still shows actress Tiffany Tang in the Drama series, Princess Weiyang, which will debut on Nov 11, 2016.[Photo provided to CRI]

A new ancient Chinese costume drama, starring popular actress Tiffany Tang, is ready to hit small screens on Beijing Satellite TV starting on Friday.

Entitled 'The Princess Weiyang,' the TV drama aims to take audiences back 1500 years, by portraying the struggles and conflicts within the imperial family during the Northern Wei Dynasty.

The 33-year-old actress elaborates on her experience of playing the titular role in the series.

"She has an insightful mind. She cares about the long-term interest and knows how to set her ambitious goals step by step. Later several incidents happened but all under her control. I wear a total of 90 ancient costumes, which is unprecedented in all of my acting experiences in the TV drama series."

The story develops as the kind-hearted princess accidentally enters her enemy's territory, and centers on how she eventually utilizes her wisdom to become a powerful woman after suffering many hardships.

Actor Luo Jin, Vaness Wu, and Golden Bell award-winning Hong Kong actress Leanne Liu also star in this TV drama.

The 54-episode drama is inspired by the hit online novel with the same name. Source:

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