Makeup- Kind of art

Makeup is not a very difficult activity to do. Consider it is only a kind of drawing. Natural make up helps you to maintain your beauty. It helps a lot to maintain your personality and maintain your attraction towards other. For different occasion, different make up styles are used. It all depends on the event and the place where you are going to visit. Weather also is a main factor to be thought of while doing makeup. You should have a proper knowledge of your skin type before applying any makeup to your skin. Face is not only part to makeup, eyes, lips, nose and other body parts are also as important while you are applying makeup. You should know which the best facial that suits your skin is. For glamorous look or appearance, you should apply some bolder colours. Never apply direct moisturizer to your skin. First clean your face with face wash, dry it with neat and clean towel then apply some moisturizer. Moisturizer gives your skin a proper care and wipe out all the dryness from your skin. It is better to use concealer on the spots. These help to hide all the dark circles and marks on skin. Do not forget to apply some good foundation cream after concealer. Foundation cream should have a match with your skin colour. It helps a lot to increase the appearance of your skin. For beauty of eyes, you can use mascara, eyeliner to give a shape to your eyes. Eyes are very sensitive be careful for the quality of mascara and eyeliner. Dry lips are a very major problem in face beauty. Rub of baking soda can help a lot to clear the dry skin of lips. When you applying lipstick to your lips, take care that lipstick should be of better quality as the lips are very close to mouth. In all it is recommended that apply a natural makeup to your skin. Source: Medley NewsImage:

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