Wearing Red- Increase your personality

Red is the best known colour in colour palette. Some of the women think that red colour is not meant for them. It is only a myth. A red colour is appealing for every woman. Red colour comes in different varieties. You can go for sharp tomato colour, Carrot colour, raspberry colour. You can prefer red muted tones rather than bright red color. Try different varieties of red shades and choose according to your personality. Selection of right shades also enhances the beauty of your hair. The people who have red hair and golden skin they should go for warm varieties of red colour and try to avoid blue tones in colour. Try to wear dark red, if you have dark brown or black hair with black eyes. Do not go to wear orange colours if you have dark brown or black hair with black eyes. People, who have appearance of ash blond and grey hair, should try purple red and avoid orange colour. You can also go for mixing red colour with some other colours like black, white and pink. Choose metallic and neutral fittings, when you dress up with red colour. Red colour footwear with neutral shade dress up can give your appearance that attracts everybody towards you. Red colour can enhance your personality to the peak. Only thing keeping in mind that fabrics wear red in proper way. It should wear with care. It can add one more star to beauty of your eyes, lips and body shape. So, what are you thinking, take your purse, credit card and buy some red fabrics for your beautiful body. Source; Medley NewsImage: flickr.com

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